Welcome to the RotMG FANGAME wikiEdit

This fangame was created by IDoZ and Phophull. Feel free to edit with any information you have!

This subreddit details the contents of the RotMG FANGAME shown on IDoZ's YouTube channel

The GameEdit

The project, as of current referred to as 'the RotMG fangame' is a game created by two people; programmed by IDoZ and sprited by Phophull/Phops. The game has been in development for 2 months. The game began as a small homage to RotMG which was going to be a small fan work using the sprites from RotMG, however there was a great amount of support shown by the RotMG subreddit , and the game evolved from then on. After gaining attention from SLVRDLLR  via his playthrough video , the community continued to expand. To this date, videos are uploaded at least once a month that detail the game's progress.

The fangame is still un-named; currently there is a list of possible names created by Phopull & IDoZ that are all being taken into consideration. The final name may or may not be comprised of the following:

  • Soul Form
  • Ethereal
  • Sublime

Latest activityEdit

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